How old are you? // I am 21 years old... unless I haven't updated this page in years, in which case I was born on the 16th of March 1996 and you can work out the rest!

Are you a student? // I am a student at the University of Portsmouth in my third year! If you're interested in this or are also a student and what to know a few university/student-y tips or just my general thoughts and stresses around uni,  I have written plenty of posts and you can check those out here.

What do you study at University? // I study Early Childhood Studies which is basically a course that studies children between the age of 0-5, I hope to go on and do a PGCE and then some day teach a reception class!

Who is Ethan? // I am aware that I mention Ethan a lot in my posts and I suppose I never really explain who he is, but he is my boyfriend -we've been together 4 years and we currently live together here in Portsmouth.

Where are you from? // I am originally from the south west of England in Wiltshire and whenever people frown at me because they're confused about where that is I just say it's where the farmers live... no, I'm not a farmer, haha!


How long have you been blogging for? // I have been blogging since 24th November 2015 when I randomly decided to post my first ever blog post (and no, you shouldn't go back and read it...) and not ever did I think that I would still be sat here writing posts to this day!

Why did you start blogging? // I can't really remember why I started blogging and I don't dare go back to my first post to see my reason why, haha! I guess the reason has probably changed over time and now I really enjoy giving little pep talks and talking about mental health and hopefully helping as many people as possible feel like they aren't alone - along with loads of other fun posts.. because I just like talking about my thoughts apparently!

What camera do you use? // I use a camera that I have had for YEARS. It's a Canon 1100D which I honestly got for Christmas probably over 6 years ago! I always tell myself that I'll save up for a new one, but I can't save money for anything and to be honest it works perfectly fine so I'm not too fussed! I also use the Canon 50mm f/1.8 lens for anyone interested! 

What blogging platform do you use? // I use blogger, but fun fact - I actually started my blog over on wix.com for about 2 months and decided I wanted to move everything (including every post... which I copied and pasted) over to blogger because it was so much easier to use!

How many blog views do you get? // I have a page dedicated to all my stats to with my blog, I update it as often as possible - so if you're interested in knowing more about my stats click here!


Want to find out more about my anxiety? // I really love talking about anxiety and sharing my story so people don't feel so alone, the best place to start is here where I share everything! But you can also look under my 'mental health' label to read more - including tips and general thoughts!

Want to find out more about me!? // I have written so many posts where I tell you a little bit about myself so feel free to have a little read of those here, here and here!

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